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The benefits of hydrotherapy have been known for thousands of years. Using three of nature's most powerful pain relief agents - heat, water, and air - a hot tub invigorates and gently massages aches and pains and relieves stress. You can control and relieve daily stress and tension by soaking in a Beachcomber hot tub for just 15 minutes every day.
With our wide range of quality hot tubs in various sizes and multi-level seating, friends, families and loved ones can now all enjoy a truly relaxing time together.
100% Canadian Made
Built by a local workforce inside our Surrey, BC factory. We believe in creating jobs and opportunities for Canadian engineers and tradespeople.
Energy Efficient
Our hot tubs are among the most energy efficient in the world thanks to the patented design of our Hybrid4 and LEEP heating mechanization systems.
Handmade items preserve craft traditions and bring one-of-a-kind character to each hot tub not possible through automation and outsourcing.
We have formulated a revolutionary line-up of water care products that use sustainably sourced alternatives to traditional hot tub chemicals.

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