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Pit Boss V7P1 Pellet Smoker

The Copperhead 7 Series pellet smoker is packed with innovative & easy to use features that will have you smoking like a Boss in no time. Smoke low & slow or crank up the heat from 150 to 450-degrees Fahrenheit for up to 24 hours of pellet-fueled cooking time. The double-walled, cold rolled steel cabinet has a hammertone copper finish with a high-heat coating and houses 2,059 square-inches of cooking space over 6 porcelain-coated, height-adjustable cooking racks. A sturdy latch securely seals the door shut and features a large viewing window with an external heat indicator to keep an eye on things, without sacrificing heat and smoke from breaking the seal. Firing up the Copperhead is hassle-free thanks to the automatic prime function, automatically igniting pellets using a 300-watt igniter and fan-forced draft. Program temperatures with ease using the front-panel control knob and monitor cabin temperature, programmed temperature and readouts for up to two wired meat probes (one meat probe is included) using the digital LED readout. The 60-pound capacity pellet hopper features a side-window for at-a-glance fuel level checking, a hinged access door for quick fill-up and a clean-out door to empty pellets for cleaning or changing flavors. A removable water pan mounted near the base of the cabinet can be filled with your favorite marinades to add more flavor and keep foods fall-off-the-bone tender.

Pit Boss V7P1 Pellet Smoker

SKU: 10716
  • 40,000

  • 2059 Sq. Inches

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