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Ryan Burke

Product Advisor

For the past 12 years, Ryan has called our South Edmonton location his second home. In that time, he has become the cornerstone of our team, offering unparalleled advice and customer service in our industry. Ryan's dedication extends beyond his work; he is committed to building lasting relationships with everyone he encounters.

Although his passion for our company's offerings shines through in his work, Ryan's interests extend far beyond the office walls. When he's not assisting customers, you'll likely find him at the rink, where he officiates hockey games with precision and enthusiasm. Off the ice, Ryan cherishes time spent with his two beloved dogs, Tucker and Cassie.

Yet, perhaps what truly fuels Ryan's spirit is his love for travel. He eagerly explores other parts of the world, seeking out new experiences and embracing diverse cultures. With each journey, Ryan enriches his understanding of life's endless possibilities. Whether on the ice, with his furry companions, or traversing the globe, Ryan's zest for life is truly inspiring.

(780) 435-3338

Ryan Burke
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