Our Customers


Helen Girard | Owner of a Beachcomber 540 Leep

"We bought our hot tub from Beachcombers eight years ago and have enjoyed it ever since. A quality product and excellent service at Beachcombers. The people at Beachcomber are friendly and well informed so they are always helpful. We just bought a patio set and expect to enjoy it for many years. This is a quality organization."


- Steve Bayus



"We purchased a hot tub from Beachcomber in 1999, still have it and it works great thanks to Beachcomber's help in the maintenance. Thanks to Gary and all the staff for their great customer service over the years."


-Illario Re



"Just a quick note . I am now in BC on my boat . I stopped to ask questions about hot tubs , I was met by Kelly on the floor . He had all the answers for all the questions that I asked . I put a down payment on a tub . Marnie and I returned to pick colors and received a delivery date . The unit was delivered on time . I was very impressed with the crew that was sent out . Dale did an excellent job and completed in a timely manner . This was important as I had already arranged for water to be delivered . Living out of town does make timing a very important factor . We have I joyed the tub and look forward to many years of relaxing time . Thank you to all you staff again."


-Gary & Marnie Schultz



"We LOVE our beachcomber hot tub!!!! We have had our hot tub for 4 years now and use it as much today as we did the first week we had it. The customer service at the store through the sales team (we had top notch service from Kelly), the delivery team, the water care experts and any staff member we connected with was truly wonderful and the service did not end after the delivery was complete - which is awesome. We find our Beachcomber very easy to care for. At first when we were thinking about getting a hot tub I remember thinking it was going to be a lot of work. After we purchased our tub, Kelly came to our home and showed us how to use it and then I also went to one of the Beachcomber training (care) sessions, which was very fun and we learned a many tips that make it so simple to keep the tub sparkling clean. One of the best things we did with our tub was to install the clear tech UV bulb - it has really helped to keep our water sparkling clean and has also reduced the amount of chemicals we use - makes the care of the tub even easier. We can easily go away for a vacation and when we come back the water is crystal clear. We sold our house recently and the hot tub quickly sold with it. So one of the first things we did was to head over to Beachcomber and purchase a brand new hot tub. We love our Beachcomber and highly recommend it as the best hot tub hands down!! Thank you Beachcomber!!"


-Jenny Pyshniak

"We want to take this opportunity to compliment the Beachcomber staff that provided such excellent customer service throughout our purchasing experience of patio furniture last week. Those individuals are Glen Cannon at the 118 Ave location; shipper at the 118 Ave warehouse (didn’t get his name); Jason and Cassandra at the 99 St location.
Glen, our sales person, was very helpful, knowledgeable, and patient with the many questions we asked. After our initial visit on Monday we were uncertain how the furniture would look in our patio space so Glen put the items on hold to allow us to go home and verify the layout and color scheme. When we came back to finalize the order on Wednesday it was a miserable spring day with blowing, wet snow. We picked up the first load and when we got home we noticed a mangled leveling pad sticking out of the bottom of a box that contained a chair. The levelling pad was different from the ones on the other chairs so we speculated the box may have contained a different type of chair. We emailed a picture of the box with the mangled levelling pad sticking out of it to Glen. He instructed us just to bring it back unopened when we came to pick up the next load and they would swap it out; due to the wet conditions we didn’t want to open the box and risk getting the chair dirty on the return trip. 
When we arrived at the warehouse, the shipper opened the box and it turned out to be the proper chair… the mangled leveling pad was just a stray that was stuck in the bottom of the heavy cardboard box. I said I’d just put the box back in my truck, but the shipper insisted I take another unopened box just in case there was some unseen damage. As we were getting ready to leave with the second load we mentioned to Glen that the Azul Slate table top we picked up on the first load was much browner in color than the table top on display in the showroom, which had much more grey in the slate tiles. Noticing that we were not completely happy with the color of the table top, Glen made arrangements for us to view another Azul table top that was on display at the 99 St store. We did that, and it was indeed more grey and a better match for our patio. Jason and Cassandra at the 99 St store switched the table tops for us without hesitation.
Now we are really looking forward to spending time and entertaining on our patio this year, that is, if it ever stops snowing."

-Mike and Val



"We have been customers of Beachcomber Hot Tub and Patio for several years. We always return because of their great service. The staff are friendly, helpful and have great knowledge of their products. We have really enjoyed our hot tub and have returned this summer to buy patio furniture. We have shopped around the city and the selection of patio furniture we found at Beachcomber is by far the widest selection and prices are very competitive. Kelly has served us through the years and always greets us personally when we arrive. Thanks Kelly and Beachcomber!"

-Jill Germain



"We had been to several hot tub stores in Edmonton and stopped by Beachcomber Hot Tubs & Patio's west end location on a whim. Thats when we met Kelly and he was great! He let us wander around the store for a few minutes and sit in a tub before he approached us to offer assistance. He introduced himself and from there answered all our questions. He offered us solutions to our concerns and was patient as we worked through what we really wanted in a hot tub. He left us alone to wander the store while we made our final decision and once we had decided on the perfect tub, he walked us through colours, coverings and delivery. At no time was he pushy or too salesman like. We have plans to return to the store to purchase more from him in the near future."

-Christopher Oliver



"My boyfriend and I knew we wanted a hot tub but were completely clueless when we started our shopping for a new Tub. After online product reviews we decided to begin our search at Beachcomber where we met Ryan. Ryan began with telling us about the BeachComber product and competitive edge, after our first visit with him we felt so educated on hot tubs and confident to look no further and stick with Beachcomber. Ryan gave us a great deal on an anniversary tub and fire table! Customer service has greatly exceeded our expectation and would recommend this store to anyone looking for a great quality product and service!"


-Chelsey B